SW7 Academy Merch

Weight Lifting Straps

  • One Pair Per Packet
  • Reduce grip fatigue
  • Highly durable fabric
  • Wrist padding for extra comfort
  • Raised rubber SW7 Academy logo
  • Support your hands, wrists and forearms for heavy deadlifts, rows, weight chin-ups, pull-ups, shrugs, dumbbell squats. The extra wrist padding ensures you have maximum comfort when lifting big weights.
  • For anyone who wants to increase their lifts, pack on muscle and strength, reduce injuries and blast through plateaus. Perfect for powerlifting, Crossfit, bodybuilding and weight training.
  • We have designed the straps to have unbeatable grip with any weight by using the latest printing techniques.
  • Unlike other brands, SW7 Academy uses only the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. Our straps will last a lifetime, lift massive weights, and grip the bar like a vice.

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